This is a pictured reference guide to Vinnie's solo career guitar picks after leaving.  I am not an expert on Vinnie's career, but to the best of my knowledge, I have captured all that exist.  Please pass along any corrections or updates!


I am extremely interested in obtaining the ones I do not yet have, which are labeled in this color.  Feel free to contact me if you have any you might be interested in parting with.

  VV = Vinnie Vincent     DS = Dana Strum  



VVI-VV1 - white on light pink

VVI-VV5 - black on pink

VVI-VV9 - black on orange

VVI-VV2 - white on black

VVI-VV6 - black on white

VVI-VV10 - black on yellow

VVI-VV3 - white on fuchsia

VVI-VV7 - white on blue

VVI-DS11 - white on swirl grey

VVI-VV4 - white on purple

VVI-VV8 -  white on red



VVI-DS1 - white on light pink

VVI-DS5 - black on pink

VVI-DS9 - black on orange

VVI-DS2 - white on black

VVI-DS6 - black on white

VVI-DS10 - black on yellow

VVI-DS3 - white on fuchsia

VVI-DS7 - white on blue

VVI-DS11 - white on swirl grey

VVI-DS4 - white on purple

VVI-DS8 - white on red


Vinnie Vincent Invasion pick (style 2)

ASG-VV1 - black on white ASG-VV3 - white on black ASG-VV5 - white on fuchsia

ASG-VV2 - white on blue ASG-VV4 - white on green ASG-VV6 - white on purple



These are promotional picks given away with the Euphoria EP, not tour picks.

EUP-VV1 - white on blue EUP-VV3 - white on green EUP-VV5 - white on purple

EUP-VV2 - white on black EUP-VV4 - white on hot pink EUP-VV6 -  black on white



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