A pictured reference guide to Mark St. John's solo effort guitar picks after departing KISS.  Information is spotty, as White Tiger only released one album (in 1984) which was and continues to be sold independently through EMC Records.  He later tried to get a project off the ground with Peter Criss, but it did not materialize. In 2003, Mark released a solo release, "Magic Bullet Theory".


Chicago KISSfest, November 25, 2001

Mark St. John (real name Mark Norton) is the shortest tenured and least known member of KISS. Mark recorded the "Animalize" album in 1984. However, Mark only performed in three shows on the subsequent tour. The official report states that the stress got to Mark and he developed Reiter's Syndrome, an inflammatory arthritic condition, that rendered him unable to perform. As a result, Bruce Kulick performed with KISS on the tour...and ended up staying for the next 12 years. Mark passed away April 5, 2007 from a brain hemorrhage. RIP, Mark!




Mark did not play with standard 351 size picks. He ordered tiny mandolin picks as shown on the left. Sometimes he hand carved the sides leaving just a small point (as mocked up on the right).

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 Generic Fender brand mandolin pick used by Mark himself.


Promotional picks shipped with the re-release of the White Tiger album in 2001.
  WTP-MM1 - black on semi-transparent white - logo / blank
  WTP-MM2 - black on white - logo / sig

WTP-MM3 - black on solid white - logo / blank



Promotional picks to promote the White Tiger album and expo appearances.
  WTP-MM4 - white on black - logo / blank
  WTP-MM5 - white on black - logo / sig


Promotional picks to promote the 2007 Japan expo dedicated to his memory
  WTP-MM6 - red on solid white - logo / sig


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